April – time for summer travel planning

Summer 2011 Cooking Tours
Central/Southern Italy:  Molise, August 13-20
A week-long tour of Nelly’s maternal family’s village, Sepino. We will explore this ancient  Roman village -with its still intact ruins- its genuine and tasty cuisine and enjoy the generosity of its people. We will be immersed in the Italian way of celebrating life.

The ruins of Altilia

“Traveling in Italy with Nelly was amazing & wonderful. We experienced the Italian life as insiders. I treasure my memories of that trip!” – Judy M.

Northern Italy: Piemonte/Liguria, September 3-10

An 8-day Italian adventure that departs from the well-traveled tourist track to spend a week in the charming, unspoiled region of Italy’s northwest. Venture from the base of the Alps to the rolling vineyards of Piemonte to the shores of the Italian Riviera. Soak up sites, history and culture; indulge in countless culinary delights; and authentically experience and connect with the locals while sharing in meaningful experiences with fellow travelers.

“I have been to Italy several times. But, only with Nelly did I feel welcomed into Italy. The real cuisine, the history behind the history, being inside the beauty of all of it, experiencing its passion, rather than being an observer looking in on an exotic world.” -Julia D.

la torre di Mombaruzzo

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