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Respiro: a legend

I have read and heard many different interpretation of this movie Respiro (Breath). Here are below are two of them which express two opposite points of view.

“Respiro” is a cheerful, life-affirming film, strong in its energy, about vivid characters. It uses mental illness as an entertainment, not a disease. Do such people really live on Lampedusa, and is this film an accurate reflection of their lives? Perhaps it doesn’t matter, since they exist in this film for one and a half hour and engage us with their theatricality. Grazia needs help, but her island will not be such a lively place to live if she gets it.

Respiro was inspired by one of Lampedusa (an island near western Sicily) legends. It is the story of a young mother who was looked down upon by the townspeople who thought she was crazy because she behaved outside the rules of their small community. One day, she disappeared leaving only her clothes on the beach. As time passed, the community was left feeling guilty for having driven the woman to suicide. The legend has it that the force of prayers brought her back to life from the sea and she returned to normal life with her family.


Being woman: pictures and poem which capture the essence

Ser mujer: Being woman

Please watch these powerful images


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